La Folia online review

By: Grant Chu Covell


Language: english

…  Shu Hai in an orchestral setting adds an orchestra to elaborate upon Shu Hai practices javelin´s second movement. Ute Wassermann is the vocal soloist. She generates all nature of sounds: writhing, sputtering, groaning, hissing, rasping, you name it. The underlying text is unintelligible. Meticulous Mode provides it anyway so you can sample its elemental pungency.

Czernowin leans heavily upon Wassermann’s abilities to fashion “distilled, non-linear poetry.” However, this composer’s orchestral handling proves she’s in control, with nothing left to chance. The widest range of nonstandard instrument noises inhabits her palette. …

Grant Chu Covell, La Folia online review, December 2003