Eartha’s Guide to Everyday Living or how to become a super hero

Wednesday, 11 September2019

Zeche Carl, Maschinenhaus


Sabine Ercklentz: trumpet, electronics

Andrea Neumann: inside piano, mixer

Ute Wassermann: voice, objects

Katharina Ernst: percussion

Kaffe Matthews: electronics

Tina Wilke: video

Afro-american singer performer Eartha Kitt as Catwoman in the 1960s white, male TV series ‚Batman’ was the trigger to make this show. We found her to be an iconic figure of female empowerment which took us, six white female artists, on individual journeys making 4 chapters, gradually finding a collective super power on the way:
we transcend our musical instruments to weapons, we ignite non-human energies as hybrid beings between humans and animals, we change our musical reality with linguistic actions, we examine the reality behind the system ‚machine’ and invent the antithesis to it.

Commissioned by Ruhrtriennale

  • supported by Hauptstadtkulturfond