mixed platter

Saturday, 2 December2023

Museu de la Musicá


Mixed Platter#4

Performance by Àlex Reviriego and Joke Lanz-Ute Wassermann

Mixed platters is a series of four thematic sessions based on concepts linked to Listening with Your Hands temporary exhibition, which invite us to rethink the value of the analog object in the current paradigm of the digital environment.

Experimenting with analogue media and using them as tools to make music has begun to be a practice, initially a minority one, which over the years has spread due to the musical and political potential of desacralizing printed sound for other purposes. In the hands of a turntablist, vinyl projects a new scenario of possibilities: it regenerates music, desacralizes it, disorganizes and de-hierarchizes it, makes it more random and infinite. A series of labels and concepts that avoid the strictly musical field and open our minds to visualize new horizons and new ways of listening, classifying and perhaps, making ourselves more responsible and freer. Content becomes raw material.

The session includes a guided tour to the exhibition by its curator, Ferran Fages.

Àlex Reviriego proposes Cheek to cheek (slow/even slower): an interpretation of the original standard at 78 RPM performing it with the double bass at a slower speed, acting as a turntable at 45 RPM and 33 RPM.

Joke Lanz-Ute Wassermann continue exploring a cathartic and Dadaist proposal where record players are impregnated with physicality and human emotion in contrast with a voice that seems to reproduce sounds of birds, machines, electronics or even fragments of an otherworldly language.