PRAED Orchestra

Sharjah, UAE

PRAED, which features Raed Yassin and Paed Conca, initiates their latest and most ambitious endeavour—a fourteen-piece conglomerate of unique musical characters. PRAED Orchestra! consists of Raed Yassin (synthesiser, vocals and beats), Paed Conca (clarinet, electronics and bass), Alan Bishop (saxophone, vocals and acoustic guitar), Nadah El Shazly (vocals, buzuq and keyboard), Christine Kazarian (electric harp), Hans Koch (bass clarinet and soprano saxophone), Martin Kuchen (baritone saxophone and sopranino saxophone), Maurice Louca (keyboard and organ), Radwan Moumneh (synthesiser, vocals and buzuq), Maryam Saleh (vocals), Ute Wassermann (vocals, mouth harp and whistles), Sam Shalabi (electric guitar and oud), Khaled Yassine (percussion) and Michael Zerang (drums).