sounding ways of being I

only you + ute wassermann

Wednesday, 28 February2024

Morphine Raum


only you (Korhan Erel + Eliad Wagner) – synthesizers

+ Ute Wassermann – voice + objects

The concert series »sounding ways of being« is about sound affinities, entanglements and interactions of voice, electronics, instruments, objects, natural materials and elements – in a figurative sense about the close interweaving of humans with an intelligent environment that encompasses the intelligence of animals, plants and machines. The binary nature of humans and animals, nature and technology is thus called into question in favour of a more complex reality. In “Only You” (Korhan Erel + Eliad Wagner) + Ute Wassermann, voice and synthesiser merge into acoustic cyborgs. Digital FM synthesis, physical touch controllers, feedback and analogue synthesizers enter into a relationship with Ute Wassermann’s voice, which can sound like ring modulators or distortions, like an organic synthesizer .