Speak Easy Xtended

Saturday, 14 December2019



speak easy embarks since 2008 on a vocal extreme tour playing tours and Festivals in Germany, Austria and Norway. Minton’s sonorous voice is capable of producing disturbing sound collages, whereas Ute Wassermann’s extreme vocals resonate with a variety of bird whistles. Coupled with Blume’s finely nuanced percussive work and Thomas Lehn’s extraordinary analogue synthesizer sounds, a physical immediacy of rare intensity is achieved. speak easy is an organism rather than an ensemble, grown out of high musical competence and full of creative energy.

In 2019 the group expands to s p e a k e a s y xtended playing concerts in Berlin, Bochum/Dortmund, Vienna & London where the 4 members of the groups are living and meeting 2 local guests in each town.

Martin Blume: percussion
Thomas Lehn: analogue synthesizer
Phil Minton: voice
Ute Wassermann: voice & bird whistles


Tiziana Bertonccini: violin
Noid: cello