Speak Easy: @ Konfrontationen

By: John Eyles

All about Jazz


Language: English

… it is a pleasure to hear the two together in what is tantamount to a summit meeting of improvising voice performers. In particular, it is good to hear them together in front of an audience, as they both blossom when performing live in concert. Typically, both Wasserman and Minton live up to the description “voice performers” rather than “singers”; they both sing rather well at times, but they do far more than that with their vocal chords, feeding off one another and creating what sounds like a large cast of characters—human and otherwise—throughout the performance.

…  great credit is due to Lehn and Blume for supplying a sympathetic, supportive soundscape in which the vocalists can relax and be creative without being unduly mindful of fitting in with that background. In the event, all four elements fit together beautifully, sounding as if they were designed for each other. The group performance flows easily without any awkward stop-start moments or clashes between the intentions of one member and the others. Altogether, this is an object lesson in how four people ought to improvise together, whatever their means of making music.