strange songs

for voice and bird calls



Ute Wassermann – Voice, Duck Whistle, Blackbird Whistle, Black Grouse Whistle, Guan Whistle, Jacu Whistle, Kiskadee Whistle, Larch Whistle, Nose Flute, Palate Whistle, Sparrow Whistle.

All tracks composed and performed by Ute Wassermann Recorded at Studioboerne45 Berlin, 2015

‘Multiphonic trills and yodels, loops of ululations, sudden percussive outbursts, warbling glissandi… sculptural, oscillating, swirling tone-colours… the human voice dissolving into the sounds of birds, machines, electronics, scraps of otherworldly language.


Recording Engineer – Antonio Pulli, Vox-Ton StudioBerlin 2015

Pre-Master – Richard Barrett
Mastered by Noel Summerville

Cover Art: Frauke Stegmann