VoiceArts forum

Monday, 19 September2022


Valencia, USA

Visiting Artist at VOICEART forum, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, USA

11:00 – 12:50  – Lecture-Performance: Expanding the Voice – Sympoietic Vocal Practice

16:00 – 17:50  – Workshop: Contemporary Vocal Techniques for the Repertoire and Performance Class

Ute Wassermann presents her diverse artistic practice in the context of experimental music, which combines improvisation, composition and performance art. She expands her voice, a multiphonic and extreme sound instrument, with loudspeaker and everyday objects, various microphones, multi-channel diffusion, bird whistles, field recordings and light. She shows how, as a musician and performer, she creates sympoietic systems with spaces, objects and other-than-human voices. The pesentation is followed by a short voice workshop involving the audience.