Distractfold Ensemble

Monday, 25 July2022

Café Oto


Sivan Cohen Elias – multicounterspeachless for prepared bass clarinet and tape. (2020)

Ute Wassermann – Go Between, for cello, voice and electronics. (2020)

Andrew Greenwald – A Thing made Whole (IV), for string trio, bass clarinet and bifurcated electric guitar. (2017)

Sam Salem – The Raft Breaks, for solo violin, electronics, tape and video. (2019)

Hunjoo Jung – Talk_To/abouT/wiTh_My…, for clarinet, e.guitar, violin, object percussion, cello and electronics. (2021)

Lee Fraser – Scii Tenaph III, for tape. (2020)

Bára Gísladóttir – Rage against the reply guy (2021), for bass clarinet, electric guitar, violin, violoncello, electronics