Joke Lanz and Ute Wassermann

Half Dead Half Alive (Live in Nickelsdorf)

By: Chloe Lula




Language: englisch

On “Half Dead Half Alive”, a 35 minutes live set hewn  from a Nickeldorf Jazz Festival performance,  Lanz and vocalist Ute Wassermann engage in a roiling cornucopia of  fleeting horn samples , vinyl crackles and grating vocal fry.  The 33 minute centre piece “Half Dead” opens with Wassermann´s voice which elicits an often absurdist series of growls, grunts, gasps and screeches that eventually pair with the circus like fanfare on the turntable.  The two play off each other in a mesmerisingly intricate call and response with Wassermann´s vocals at its forefront. While the turntables slapdash swipes and scratches are often so nimble as to render the original material elusive, there are less obscured moments that call to mind folk music and musette.