voice solo



Ute Wassermann: Solo Voice

… Typical for Ute Wassermann´s work is the way in which each piece evolves around it´s own subtle colour and structure out of a particular selection from her vast (and always growing) repertoire of sounds and sound-gestures. Each piece has a composed frame work, defining a space within which the voice can make movements and explore various limits and boundaries. Some pieces are reminiscent of bird or insect sounds while others seem more related to electronic bleeps and pulses, or the sound of machinery. Each piece one might say, embodies a different style of calligraphy, with which the voice inscribes itself in space and time. Each also alludes tangentially to one or more of the others, setting up a subtle network of cross-references which binds them into a single multifaceted statement. …

From the liner notes by Richard Barrett


… nine gnomic compositions that showcase an incredible range of vocal sounds. What saves Birdtalking to become a gratuitous catalogue of extended techniques is that it’s such a spirited and deftly paced collection.
…There are sometimes seriously alien vocalisations on offer, sometimes ugly, sometimes comical, but nonetheless always full of poetry.
 The Wire

Birdtalking is one of those records that immediately raise all aerials, a top-rank effort in which a single talent is enough to carry the heaviest of weights, namely maintaining the artistic level of almost one hour of music constantly high throughout.
 Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes



recorded at Sendesaal Radio Bremen 2004


producer: Marita Emigholz

Recording supervisor, editing, mastering: Renate Wolter-Seevers

Recording engineer: Gisela Kniemeyer

Recording assistant: Christoph Romanowsky

Multitrack realisation: Richard Barrett