The New Unusual

Distractfold Ensemble



Rocío Bolaños: clarinets, live electronics
Daniel Brew: electric guitar, performative electronics
Alice Purton: cello, voice, live electronics
Linda Jankowsa: violin, object percussion, live electronics


Andrew Greenwald, Anna Korsun, Donal Sarsfield, Giulia Lorusso, Hanna Hartman, Lee Fraser, Sam Salem, Santiago Diez Fischer & Linda Jankowska, Silvan Cohen Elias, Steven Kazuo Takasugi, Ute Wassermann

The New Unusual is a series of 11 short solo works commissioned in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recorded in the homes of Distractfold performers between December 2020 – January 2021. Building upon their podcast series, Conversations from Quarantine, The New Unusual seeks to bring together composers, musicians and audiences from around the globe at precisely the moment that COVID-19 keeps us furthest apart.

With the projects global reach presenting an exciting range of internationally recognised composers, including from the UK, Europe, the US, the Global South and the Middle East, Distractfold are excited to present this musical socio-cultural document of the time that we are living in and the conditions under which musicians and composers are currently working.


performed at home by the musiscians

mixed by Distractfold

mastered by Richard Scott

produced by Daniel Brew and Sam Salem

supported by Ernst von Siemens Foundation