Half Dead Half Alive

Joke Lanz und Ute Wassermann



Joke Lanz: turntables

Ute Wassermann: voice, whistles, objects

… One can remain stunned by the thousands of masks worn by Wassermann’s vocal cords (my descriptions would border on pathetic) or admire the contrapuntal jumble of micronized irony emanating from the records picked by Lanz, who instantaneously builds perfect frameworks for his partner. The countless miniatures born from this union amaze like quick-witted fireflies in a night habitually populated by insignificant insects. (Touching Extremes – Massimo Ricci 2021)

… The listening experience may leave you shocked but guarantees tons of fun. If you can imagine rare, colorful birds, with a flair for dadaist mischief, dance along anarchistic techno grooves that threaten to melt your brain, you may get closer to what happened in this outstanding performance…
(Eyal Hareuveni, The Free Jazz Collective, April 2021)

… For the listener or spectator, the end result is a full, but uncluttered, constantly shifting, kaleidoscopic soundscape with frequent rhythmic passages alongside vocal effects, bird whistles, ethereal banshee wails and sounds which could have emanated from either of the two. As such, it is an aural roller coaster ride which makes compelling listening no matter how many times it is repeated. This is a duo to look out for, whether on record or in performance. (John Eyles, All ABout Jazz, May 2021)

Klang Galerie

Live at Festival Konfrontationen 2019, Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf

recorded by ORF

Cover Art: Foto: Laura Fusato, Layout: Lisa Robotka